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evanrachelfans's Journal

fans of the actress evan rachel wood
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evan rachel wood: news, photos, etc

about the community

Welcome to evanrachelfans, a community dedicated to Evan Rachel Wood. Feel free to post any news, pictures, icons, and picspams related to Evan Rachel here.

please abide by them

01. Do not bash Evan Rachel or other members of the community.
02. Feel free to post any graphics. If you are posting icons you must have three examples of what is to come, if posting photos you may have one example but please place the rest under a cut.
03. This is an Evan Rachel Wood community please stay on topic.
04. You may repost anything you find on evanrachelfans but please be sure to credit the community (or maker).
05. If you'd like to promote on evanrachelfans please contact one of the mods before doing so.
06. We are going to be sticklers about tagging. If you are unsure how to tag your post please contact a mod or state somewhere on your post that it needs to be tagged. Tags may be found here.
a mod

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